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Winning races with white & special colored pigeons!
Like that? Like us.

We love white and special colored pigeons. With a touch of red, blue or black in it. We have also an exclusive collection red recessive pigeons on our lofts. We love it when they have perfect pedigrees. We love it more when they are home very fast and winning races. We love it the most when a beautiful top quality white pigeon gives sons and daughters who win races!

We are building a family of racing pigeons who are mostly white or special colored, capable of winning races and breeding new winners. World class.

Why? Winning a race is fun. Winning a race with a white one or special colored pigeon is jackpot fun. We want to give that joy of winning a race with a special colored pigeon to our friends and customers.

Like this? Like us.

For more information contact us by e-mail: info@coloredpigeons.com

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